Dawn Tevy

Written by:  Suellen Fry aka The Queen of CONTENT!

Who is Dawn Tevy? It won’t be long until you pick up her book and you see for yourself. J.K. Rowling, watch out! The newest author of fantasy fiction is about to have her break through. If you liked Harry Potter then you’re sure to love Dawn’s captivating fantasy novel, Angels & Warriors: The Awakening. In December of 2008, Dawn began writing her book just to pass the time. After writing 250 pages, she realized that this story had taken on a life of its own—and perhaps she was on to something. Less than a year later in August of 2009 Dawn had completed the majority of her book, but decided to add more to her tantalizing morsel of fiction.

What is her book about? Angels & Warriors is a medieval Lara Croft/Crouching Tiger meets grown-up Harry Potter/Twilight in an Eragon/Avatar setting. You can follow Dawn on Facebook for book updates and releases.

Dawn resides in California and invites you to share in her exciting journey as her book unfolds. But first, let’s get a little personal. The creator of Angels & Warrior: The Awakening may look like she’s high maintenance, but think again! There’s no girly-girl here. Ms. Tevy enjoys the outdoors. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or hook a worm on her fishing pole. Dawn is an avid camper and hiker as well.

Her warm, positive personality can be seen in each page of this exciting novel. A part of her soul is etched in every character’s persona. As the story develops, the characters take on personality traits of their own—stirring our curious minds. Those of us who have had the pleasure of meeting Dawn have seen that she is a true humanitarian who has given her time and energy to complete strangers. She tries to look for the best in everyone. “I NEVER judge, simply because I believe that all people should be free to be who/what they are at heart, not who/what others EXPECT them to be,” adds Dawn. “As the old saying goes, ‘what goes around, comes around’.”

Dawn Tevy will surprise you with each page of this thrilling fantasy. But the only way you’ll experience it—is to read Angels & Warrior: The Awakening for yourself!



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