Welcome To The World Of Angels & Warriors

Sound interesting? Take a sneak peek at the

first two chapters HERE.


5 thoughts on “Welcome To The World Of Angels & Warriors

  1. Wonderful! I’m relieved to experience such a consuming story. I don’t normally get very far with many books before I just set them aside due to exhausting boredom. You really fill the air with an intensity and excitement that holds my attention quite well. šŸ™‚ Not to mention the flow of it all. I look forward to reading the rest!

  2. Jonathon Berger says:

    Sounds awesome!!!!

    • dawntevy says:

      Thank you so much. Did you read the 2 chapters I have posted on this site? Let me know what you think.

      • Luciana Gwin says:

        Yes but stop reading when at them hard to pronounce names. But it sound about a six star novel. The House of Night novels I like the as nine.

        • dawntevy says:

          A lot of people think the names are difficult, but here is the secret. I spell them exactly as they sound. Tynae is probably the most difficult. Her name is pronounced Ten-a (long a) I used adobe reader too. If the reader could not say it the way I wanted it I kept changing the spelling of the name until the reader pronounced it correctly. Tynae was originally spelled Tena, but the reader kept saying it wrong. The current spelling is what the reader needed to pronounce it properly. Besides, you can’t have a medieval type of book with names like Mike and Lisa…it would loose the old time feel šŸ˜‰ though I do LOVE the spelling of your name…hmmm.

          Thank you so much for the comment. If you follow me on facebook I will be announcing an upcoming radio show we will be doing about the book. During the show we will go over names and how they are pronounced and we will be raffling off an autographed book as well.

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